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Couples Counselling

Phone, Zoom or In Person
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'Troubled Couples' & The
Power of Commitment & Love
Melbourne - Hawthorn
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Dating & Relationship
Phone, Zoom or In Person
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Sexuality Issues

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Jane’s Breakthrough Methodology

For over 17 years Jane has worked with thousands of people in various countries around the world In Person or via Phone or Zoom, enriching their relationships and lives by releasing barriers that interfere with deep connection, intimacy and love. Her point of difference being that she combines neuroscience, ontology, human potential psychology, neural linguistic programming, ancient wisdoms, mystical law, powerful questioning techniques and her extensive life experience and intuition to create fast breakthrough results. Her mission in life is to re-connect men and women and to help teenagers and adults build a better relationship with themselves and others; ultimately to create more conscious loving relationships in the world.

 "Just a short email to thank you for the coaching session yesterday. But first I will share with you the extraordinary transition that happened to me yesterday. You felt the moment over the phone and it was quite momentous. But, it wasn't until later on that day that I fully appreciated how great the shift was.
I felt lighter than I had felt in a long time, it was amazing and a very spiritual sensation. So thank you once again Jane for releasing something in me that was blocking my creativity."

Susan, Family Court of Australia


Jane Roder International Author, Relationship & Sex Counsellor


Jane Relationship Expert Seen on TV

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Jane has been seen on "Today Tonight", "The Late Date Show 101.9 Fox FM", "The Age", "MX News", "Life Magazine", Hip Cast “Hot Wire” and on the SinglePodcasting Network. Click here to read more about Jane.

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Trust Relationship - Jane Roder