If you are on this page you are probably feeling stuck and frustrated?
Do you want to move forward fast?
Did you know most people just need a new way of seeing things and to take new actions?

ALL SESSIONS with Jane are completely CONFIDENTIAL.



  • Keeping couples together and re-igniting love and passion.
  • Infidelity & trust issues
  • Sexual issues and general questions on sexuality
  • Sex & pornography addiction
  • How to create an amicable separation & divorce if the relationship is irreconcilable
  • Finding Love / Dating strategies
  • Commitment phobia


  • Assumes the client is whole and wants to reach their full potential
  • Looks to the future rather than dwelling on the past
  • About development, growth and moving forward
  • Works with consciousness (thoughts and possibilities) to create breakthroughs
  • Based on changing thoughts and behaviours through powerful questioning techniques to get different results
  • Moves people to a higher level of thinking and functioning
  • Focuses on actions with reporting back and homework in-between sessions
  • Is a unique blend of Neuroscience, Ontology, Human Potential Psychology, Ancient Wisdoms, Mystical Law and Neuralistic Programming NLP
  • Combined with Jane's extensive life experience and intuition